The Best Head Ever

Originally published 7/6/2018

This is somewhat of a true account of one of many interactions with one of my favorite lovers

As was customary for our relationship, I arrive at his place at seven in the morning. As I approach his place his garage door rolls up. I pull into the garage and immediately my pussy throbs as I see him standing at the top of his garage steps completely naked, save for the white crew socks he has on, and his gorgeous, sexy, dimpled smile.

I jump out of the car, taking only my keys and my phone. He smacks my ass as we exchange quick pleasantries, making our way to the sliding glass door, which leads into his living room. I set my phone and my keys down on the top of the couch and my clothes begin to come off as soon as I enter the door. As they say, We Grown. No need to beat around the bush. We know why we are here.

We never make it upstairs to the bedroom. He lays me on a cushioned bench, which he’s covered with a towel, right there in the living room. As I get situated he strokes his dick a couple times, watching me. Grinning and stroking as if he can’t wait to touch me. He gets down on his knees after throwing a pillow on the floor. My legs are already parted for him. His hands gently caress the insides of my thighs. He knows. Sensations are what get me going. Firmly, he presses my thighs a comfortable distance apart and dives into my pussy. Where do you think his tongue lands first? The tip? You would think that would be the first place, the best place to begin, but no. His tongue first spends a few minutes licking my labia on both sides. Maybe touching my clit for half a second as his mouth travels from one side of my pussy to the other. He licks all around, my labia, my hood . . . a few times his tongue would dive deep into my pussy, gently fucking me with his tongue.

My eyes are closed and I’m taking in every sensation. His hands go from caressing my ass to gently pressing my legs open. He doesn’t have much resistance, though. When there is complete trust and nothing but pleasure, I hold my legs open wide on my own. I want him to dive deeper. I want to feel more. My hands spend their time diving into his hair and caressing his shoulders and arms. My juices begin to pool and slowly leak out of my pussy, which only seems to excite him more. He licks up my cream as his tongue fucks me, caressing my channel.

Then he slides a finger into my pussy.

“Fuuucckkk!” I softly moan.

I know his hands are clean because he works as a chef. Short nails and clean hands come with the trade. The pads of his fingertips are nice and round. My fingers dive into his curly, silky hair as I pull him closer.

Unlike other lovers, his finger applies the right amount of pressure as he gently, yet firmly strokes my g-spot. I usually hate to have men finger fuck me. They jab and jab, completely missing out on the most vital nerve clusters, vainly abusing my vagina as their excitement grows.

But, not him. His finger continues massaging my insides, his sexy lips and tongue move their focus to my clit and the surrounding area.  

“Mmm,” I moan. That’s what I love about him. He uses his whole tongue to lick the clit and the lips directly around the clit. Many guys will focus their attention directly on the tip, overstimulating it way too quickly. He knows what he is doing. As sensations intensify, he begins to suck and lick interchangeably, while still continuing to stroke my pussy with his finger.

My brain begins to register pleasure from two different places, creating two climatic possibilities. As I allow myself to feel, my brain almost can’t decide which is more pleasurable: the finger or the tongue. One is definitely in competition with the other. My eyes are closed, my breath is shallow. All words have stopped. At this point, I’m not sure I’m making any noise at all. Everything has ceased to exist except the pleasure I feel. The best part is trusting him so completely that I’m not thinking about pleasing him at all. I’m only concerned with feeling. Knowing that he is getting off on this makes me completely dive into the moment. For a few moments, nothing else matters but this euphoria. And then it happens.

I cum and I cum hard. I let out an involuntary scream as my pussy convulses with its climax. My juices flow out of me like a river and, for what seems like several minutes, wave after wave of pleasure washes over my body. He continues to suck and lick my pussy even as my hands begin to push him away. After about a quarter of a minute of continued pleasurable torture, he rises and thrusts his stiff dick deep into my pussy. The sensations of his thrusting are heightened as my body continues to ride that wave. I pull him closer as if, at this moment, we could become one. He grabs my ass and buries his face into my neck.

Then where he was silent with concentration a moment ago, now he is grunting and gasping.

“Fuck, baby! I’m gonna cum!” He continues to thrust as his grunts become primal. His rhythm matches my heartbeat. Fast, firm, and consistent. His grunts grow louder and his rhythm suddenly turns staccato as his seed pours into me.

For a moment, time stands still. Then we exhale.

Lover’s Beach

Originally published 1/19/2015

I have to preface this story by stating that this was written shortly after visiting Cabo San Lucas’ Lover’s Beach and shortly before ending my 23 year marriage. Don’t worry – the man is still alive and well.

The temperature was perfect! My hand leisurely slid over my not-so-flat stomach as I began to coat my body with sunscreen. The breeze lightly blew warm tendrils all over my body, increasing the electric pulse that I could feel building deep within me. For the third time that morning I stole a glance at him. He lay on a lounge chair, face up, with a straw hat covering his face. His body was gorgeous! I could only hope that his face was equally so. I couldn’t help that my eyes kept wandering to the bulge in his swim trunks. Every time my eyes landed on his bulge I quickly looked away, feeling me cheeks heat up.

I was on vacation. I was on vacation. That was the mantra I repeated to myself over and over again. My mystery man did help to keep my mind on the lighter things in life, but I couldn’t keep my mind from dwelling on my failed marriage. This trip was supposed to help us. We were supposed to spend extra time together on this trip doing fun things together. Instead, my husband was upstairs. In the condo. Doing work.

My eyes panned over the people on the beach. There were families and couples scattered in various places all over the beach. Some with coolers, umbrellas, and blankets. They had come prepared to spend the day playing in the warm waters in the Gulf of California, spending time with those that they hold dear. My eyes began to tear up a little as a feeling of loneliness washed over me. This vacation was not turning out how I had thought it would.

“Would you like a drink?” I looked up to see where that voice, with a slight accent that I couldn’t place, came from. I was surprised to see my mystery man holding out a soda can. I was stunned and all I could do was take the can while slowly nodding my head in acquiescence. “Are you here alone, pretty lady?”

“Yes. I mean no!” I couldn’t help it. My mouth spoke what I felt. I was certainly alone on the beach.

The mystery man began to look around. “Who are you here with?”

“I mean. I am alone right now. I’m here on vacation with my husband, but he’s in the condo doing business.”

My mystery man seemed to pause for a moment while he digested what I said. Then a slow smile crept onto his sexy face. Ugh! Why was he so gorgeous?

“My name is Jairo Carrillo.” He stuck out his hand and I marveled at the way his name rolled off his lips. Oh, his lips! I felt my clit throb a little.

“I’m Jessica.” That’s it. That’s all I was able to get out.

“Jessica, would you like to cool off in the water?” He held out his hand and I immediately accepted his offer. Soon my large breasts were gently floating in the water as Jairo held my hands.

“Tell me, Jessica, why did I find you so sad on this beautiful day?” As he spoke he pulled me in closer, his hands lightly resting on my hips. He made it very hard to concentrate on my answer. I was distracted by the way the waves licked at his broad, muscular chest. Even with the smell of seawater all around us I could still smell his husky scent.

“I don’t want to bore you with the details.”

“You won’t bore me, mi Tesoro.”

The waves were throwing us closer together and I suddenly felt Jairo’s hands slip beneath my bikini bottoms to caress my ass. I’m sure he saw my eyes widen a little, but he continued to look at me expectantly, patiently waiting for my answer. What was his question? My brain seemed to fog up with desire. The warm water that we were trying to stay afloat in seemed to heat up a few degrees. Was that steam rising up between our bodies? I shook my head to clear my thoughts as I answered his question.

“My husband and I are supposed to be enjoying this vacation together. Today is our third day here and we haven’t spent any real time together. He’s been cooped up in the condo every single day.”

“Oh, mi Tesoro. I would hate for you to come to this beautiful place and not enjoy yourself. If you permit me, I think I can do something about that.”

Our faces were so close together. I could feel the heat from his body as he drew me closer. His hands moved from my ass to the front of my bikini bottoms to nudge at my folds. As his fingers entered my hole, pleasure shot through me like an arrow. I grabbed at his muscular arms as if my life depended upon my ability to hold on. As his fingers worked magic, his lips met mine in a deep, probing kiss. My body was thirsty for his touch. It craved his caresses and it desired the pleasure. On top of the fact that my husband had been working the entire trip, we also had not had sex. Truthfully, it had been a long time since we’d had meaningful sex. It literally was as if I was on this trip all by myself.

“Come with me, mi Tesoro.” Jairo gently pulled me out of the water and up the beach. I think he realized that we needed to be alone. It would not do to have the whole beach watching us. He scooped up his towel and we headed to a nearby cave. As we entered the cave the sounds of men, women, and children faded away. All I could hear was the crashing waves. Jairo laid out the towel in the small area of the cave floor and guided me down on top of it.

“I think we have fallen prey to the magic that is Lover’s Beach.” I could not respond to him because his lips were covering mine. As his body lay on top of me I marveled at his hard muscles. My hands explored his smooth back and ducked below the line of his shorts to feel his tight ass. Oh! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! Here was this extremely gorgeous man and he was attracted to me. I so needed this, especially after my husband barely even glanced my way the last three days, let alone that he hadn’t touched me. My skin craved the touch of a man.

Jairo deftly untied the strings to my bikini bottoms and move down to bury his face between my legs. The heat from his mouth made my juices flow and I delighted in Jairo’s fervor to lick up every drop. As he licked and sucked I could feel my body drawing closer to explosion, but just before I was about to come he moved up my body, pulling his shorts down as he went. His lips were soft as they kissed their way across the curves of my belly to the mountainous pillows of my breasts. He took, first one and then another, nipple in to this mouth. He began sucking gently at first, and then sucking harder with little flicks of his tongue. With every flick of his tongue my pussy quivered and my clicked throbbed.

It became more and more evident that there was a void between my legs. I wanted him so bad at that moment. My hands clawed at him trying to get him to stop teasing me and give me what I desired. He raised his head with a small, knowing smirk on this lips. He knew what I wanted, but took his time giving it to me. The bastard! Before that thought was completed he was in me, filling me up and stretching my pussy lips. He was definitely thicker than my husband, and it felt so right. I could feel his bulbous head all the way from the entrance until it nudged up against my cervix.

What was that delicious feeling? Oh! It felt so good! With just a couple of thrusts I was coming! Oh my god! I’d never felt that before. True that it was not as big an orgasm as I would get with clitoral stimulation, but it was . . . . I can’t even explain. It wasn’t long before I felt the build up again, and again I was coming!

“Oh, Jairo! Fuck me!” My words mixed with the sound of the crashing waves and didn’t go any further than the cave, but they seemed to be the words that Jairo needed to hear. He flipped me over and began driving into me from behind with urgency.

“Oh, mi amore! Your pussy is so tight.”

“And your dick feels so . . . . gooood!”

While he quickened his pace I think I came two more times! I’d never felt like this before and knew that going forward I would not be able to have it any other way.

“Mi Tesoro, I’m coming!” I felt his hot cum shooting into my pussy, filling me up. He seemed to come forever, pumping his cock into me the entire time, until finally, he collapsed on top of me. As our breathing slowed I could still feel his cock throbbing inside of me. Surprisingly he was still hard even after a few minutes. Jairo’s heartbeat was on my back. I could hear the beating of the waves. This was such a peaceful spot and I was with a gorgeous man. Finally, I felt like this was a vacation.

Slowly, Jairo began to move inside me again.

“Jairo, what does mi Tesoro mean?”

“It means ‘my treasure.’ Truly I have found a treasure and I think my dick has found its home. It does not want to leave your warm pussy.”

I smiled to myself. I felt the same about him.


Over the next two days Jairo and I spent every waking moment together, and much of that time was spent fucking. As my vacation drew to an end I knew that I didn’t want to leave him. I could not go back to the way life was before my trip to Cabo San Lucas. My thoughts returned to the first day that I had met Jairo and the location at which we had met. Suddenly, I knew the answer to my problem and I began to make arrangements for the last full day of vacation. My husband and I would be taking a day trip out to Lover’s Beach.


“Darling, I’m sorry that I had to work the entire trip. Believe me, it’s not what I would have wanted.” My husband looked out at the sea as he said those words. I sighed. I was beyond hurting and feeling anything for this man. “Did you at least have a good time without me?”

“Yes, Mark. I had a fabulous time.” Oh, little did he know what a fabulous time I had!

The helmsman of the boat did his customary tour around the tip so that we could see El Arco – the Arches of Cabo San Lucas – and told the story of Lover’s Beach. You see, there was more to the area than just Lover’s Beach. Lover’s beach was an area that tourist frequented to play in the warm waters of the gulf. People came and went throughout the whole day.

Just a short three minute walk to the other side of Lover’s Beach was Divorce Beach. Divorce beach faced the Pacific Ocean side, a comparatively colder body of water with aggressive waves that battered against the rocks. While you can walk along the shore the beach had a relatively sharp decline into the cold waters of the Pacific.

After landing on Lover’s Beach and spending a few minutes playing in the water I asked Mark if he would like a drink. The heat of the day can make a person very thirsty and I knew that he would be thirsty. Fortunately, he didn’t see the pill that I slipped into his drink. After swirling his bottle of beer around a little to let the pill dissolve I handed Mark the bottle. At first I was a little afraid that he would taste the difference, but Mark drank the entire bottle so quickly I don’t think he tasted anything.

His face broke into a handsome smile and he looked almost as youthful as he did twenty years ago. It made me reflect on a time when we were happy. Twenty years ago we were just married and beginning to raise our family and everything seemed perfect. I would never, however, forget the years that followed. Years of late nights and weekends at the office. Yes, our financial situation increasingly got better over the years, but I think I would rather have been poor and to having a loving, faithful husband than I big beautiful house and a cheating husband.

In that moment, I also remembered how he was always absent at the children’s activities. I remembered how I found out that he’d cheated on me, not once, but six times that I knew of. I remember the pain of betrayal and the feeling that someone I had loved didn’t think of me as someone important in his life any longer. My marriage had been cold and dead for many years.

“Let’s go for a walk, Mark.” I handed him another beer and led him to the other side of the beach. The walk was short, but in that small amount of time I noticed the tell-tale signs that Mark was feeling the effects of the drug. He began to stumble just a little. I quickened my pace. It would not do for him to fall before we reached the other beach.

Finally, we made it and began to leisurely walk along the shore.

“Jessica, we’ll have to come back here again. When I don’t have to work so much.” As he said those words I saw them for the lie that they were. He would never have a time when he didn’t have to work so much.

“This wa’er is so wmmmm.” He began to slur his words as his stumbling became more evident. I couldn’t keep myself from giving him a look. We were on the Pacific Ocean side and the water was very cold not warm.

“I have to pee, Jessica. I’ll be right back.” We’d stopped on the part of the beach where the decline into the water was the steepest. Ordinarily, I would have been fighting him tooth and nail not to go pee in these waters, but it was with no emotion that I watched my husband of 20 years walk into the water to go pee. He stumbled a couple of times as he made his way. I know his intent was to be at least waist deep, but he only made it to about two inches above his knees before he slipped his final time. And just like that my husband was gone and my life was changed forever.

I rubbed my arms against the chill of the Pacific Ocean. Besides the coastline to my right there were miles and miles of water before me. Time to get away from this cold beach back over to the warmth of the Bahia San Lucas.

As I reached Lover’s Beach my eyes panned over the crowd of people enjoying the day. My eyes rested on Jairo walking his way towards me, and my body began to heat up as my face lit up. I would no longer be living in a cold, dead marriage. The thought was kind of morbid, but I’d left my cold marriage with the cold waters of the Pacific, and have opened up my life to the warmth of a new relationship, a relationship waiting for me in the warm waters of Lover’s Beach in Cabo San Lucas.

Office Quickies – A Nice Surprise

Originally published 1/8/2015

My heart was beating a little faster. My palms were a little damp. Keith Marshall had been looking right at me before I ducked my head below the cubical wall again. I had been working for the Healthcare Services Corporation as the Communications Manager for a little over two months, and though the corporate building held over 400 employees, I thought there very few cuties at the company. I didn’t know how to handle this! I’d never really had a work crush before. I felt like a school girl! What made this situation a little riskier was that I was a married woman. But, I could not deny the uninhibited electricity that seemed to flow between me and Keith.

“I saw that little interaction,” came the voice in the next cubicle. The voice came from Mark Russell, Special Events Manager, who was a hottie himself. Mark was 6’ 1” tall, broad shouldered, sandy blonde hair, and eyes the color of a deep blue ocean. His skin showed the right amount of tan to let you know that he enjoys spending time outdoors. Working directly with Mark means that I had to take a hands off attitude. At least face to face. It was a whole different situation in my mind.

“Do you think he was looking at me?” I asked from my side of the cubicle. My mouth felt dry. I think all of the moisture from my mouth went to my palms. This is ridiculous! I have to get control of myself, I thought as I wiped my hands on my skirt. I’d always seen myself as a cool, calm and collected professional. Always focused on my career and not on those that I’d worked with. But, my 40th birthday had just past. I wished that someone would have told me that my libido would change so drastically. Now, every tall, dark, and handsome male turned my head like no other. I regularly carried extra panties in my purse because I never knew when some hottie would make my panties wet with just a look.

“Oh, I think he was looking right at you. What’s not to look at?” Mark gave a deep, throaty chuckle.

I knew that he was enjoying my discomfort, but I also wanted to know what he meant by that. I admit that I was relatively happy with my looks, but what girl did not find something about themselves that they wanted to improve? When I go out with my girlfriends for drinks, I often see men glancing my way, but I’d often shrugged it off because I was, essentially, off the market, and really only interested in hanging out with the girls. My looks were what you’d consider exotic. My dad is black and my mother is a beautiful Filipina, which meant that I had beautiful chocolate skin with black, silky wavy hair that fell to the middle of my back. My eyes were almond shaped and a deep chocolate brown with naturally curled eye lashes. I had natural curves that most women would pay to have. The only alteration that I’d made to my body was to give me a flat stomach. No matter how much I worked out after having children my belly never seemed to want to part with the rest of my body. My flat belly made my G sized boobs seem more pronounced then I would have liked, but overall I didn’t think I looked too bad.

“Just give in, Mo. Ask him out for drinks.” Mark had started calling me Mo a few days after we’d started working together and I didn’t correct him. Mo was actually a nickname that some of my closest friends had called me for years, and Mark and I had quickly become fast friends.

“Mark, you know I can’t do that. I’m a married woman.” Oh, yeah. I’d said that with a lot of confidence. My husband and I rarely saw each other and when we did, we barely spoke to one another. We didn’t fight and nothing seemed to be wrong with our relationship, but the fire had definitely gone out. We just didn’t spend enough time together. Definitely not a good thing since I seemed to be horny all the time. B.O.B., the battery operated boyfriend, was my best friend most days.

“What could drinks hurt, Mo? You know you want to know more about him, and I’m almost certain that he wants to know more about you.”

“You’re kidding me, right? What would Keith want to know about me?” Keith was Vice President of Marketing and his office was not too far from the communications area. My boss, Steve Styles, and Keith often worked on projects together, but the projects had been few since I’d started with the company. I was hired in November, at a time when things began to slow down for the company, but that would soon change now that January had arrived and everyone began preparing for the new fiscal year.

I decided that Mark’s silence meant that I needed to get back to work and quit messing around with my fantasies. I began reading through my emails. The day had just started, but I’d already had close to twenty emails, which boggled my mind since I emptied out my inbox every single night before I left the office. When I got to the second email my mouth went dry again. It was an email from Keith. It just said ‘come to my office.’ I blinked a few times, not believing what I was seeing. Keith had never asked me to come to his office. Never. I quickly opened up the company’s instant messenger client and typed a message to Mark.

Me: He asked me into his office!!!

Mark: Who asked you?

Me: Keith! Who do you think? (Because, of course, I expected Mark to know what I was talking about. lol)

Mark: Then what are you doing messaging me?

He’s right, of course. I just need to go. Just outside of Keith’s office I took a deep breath to still my nerves. I knocked on the door frame since his office door was already open.

“Hello, Monica. Please, come in, and close the door behind you.” I did as he commanded and took a seat in a chair directly across from him at his desk.

“Thank you for coming so quickly. I wanted to propose an idea to you and see if you’d be interested.” As he talked I really had a hard time keeping my thoughts on his words. Keith was probably one of the most gorgeous men that I’d ever had the chance to meet. He was previously a defensive end for an NFL team. 6’2”, 260 lbs, milk chocolate skin that was pulled tight over a muscular frame that looked like he still played football even though he hadn’t played pro ball in a little over ten years. His arms were huge! You could see the material of his suit straining to cover every inch of his body. He licked his lips after his last sentence and I almost thought that I would fall out of my chair. I could feel my juices begin to pool as my clit throbbed with desire. I’d never reacted to another man like I was reacting to Keith. This was insane! I couldn’t even respond to him.

“Is everything alright, Monica? Can I get you some water?” Water? I didn’t think I needed any more fluids in my body!

“No!” That first word came out a little more forceful than I’d planned. I purposely concentrated on speaking calmly. “No, thank you. What ideas have you got?”

“Well, we want to increase the number of employee patient referrals, so we thought about kicking off a campaign to communicate a weekly raffle for employees who refer valid patient leads. We’ll hold a weekly drawing from all the valid leads and send out a communication announcing the winners.

Do you think that you can draft up a template for a weekly communication?”

“Absolutely! That’s a simple weekly communication that we can work together on. Just be sure to have the raffle winner information ready by noon every Monday so that we can push the announcement out around the same time every week.”

“Great! I’ll have the first draft sent to you in a couple of days and we can push out the first communication next Monday.”

This little meeting seemed to be coming to a close, so I began to stand. “Is there anything else that I can do for you, Keith?” He rose with me and I assumed that he wanted to see me to the door. Then I felt his hand on my lower back.

“Actually, there is something else that I wanted. Something I’ve wanted since I first laid eyes on you,” his deep, sexy voice said just as I felt his other hand on my shoulder, gently turning me around to face him.

Before I could even react his lips were crushing mine in a commanding and possessive kiss. As the kiss softened both of his hands cupped my ass and slightly lifted me, bringing me in closer. I cannot even lie. I kissed him right back. Soon my hands rose up to meet behind his neck. “You are so fucking sexy, Monica! I can barely keep my eyes off of you every day.”

Without even wanting to my hands began to push against his chest and I put the kibosh on his advances.

“We can’t do this. No. Not here. What if someone walks in?” I said as I backed away, straightening my skirt and my blouse.

For a very brief second I saw what looked like disappointment flash across his face. Then he straightened up, tugged at the hem of his suit jacket, and said, “Of course. I’ll have that draft to you in a couple of days. Thanks, Monica.” And with that he turned to sit at his desk.

For a second I didn’t know what to do with myself even though I was the one that put a stop to his kisses. What is wrong with me? Had I not been fantasizing over this man for weeks? As I turned and quickly left his office, closing the door behind me, I chastised myself for possibly losing a golden opportunity.

My instant messenger popped up and soon as I sat back at my desk.

Mark: So??

Me: So, what?

Mark: What happened? What did he want?

Me: He kissed me.

Mark’s head popped from around the corner of the cubicle. “Let’s go for a walk.” It wasn’t a question, but a command. Feeling lost after what just happened I didn’t even hesitate to follow him into a small unoccupied conference room on the other side of the building.

“He kissed you??”

“Yes.” I still felt stunned and one word answers was all I could give him.

“I still say I can’t blame him. You are a stunner, Mo.”

I give him a sidewise glance only to find that he’s looking directly at me. “Thank you?”

Before I’m even finished with those words Mark is in front of me, so close that I can feel his breath on my face like a soft caress. He lifts his hand to push back loose strands of my hair behind my ear. For a moment time seemed to stand still. It stood still long enough for me to notice how beautiful Mark’s eyes were. It stood still long enough for me to notice that I had placed my right hand on Mark’s fucking hot bicep. I had no clue that he had all those muscles under that shirt. Time stood still just long enough for my panties to get wet just before his lips landed on mine. Man! This guy can kiss! He took his time exploring my mouth with his tongue, which his hands did a little exploration of their own. I felt his large hands cupping my breasts, then leisurely grabbing my ass, pulling my head in to deepen the kiss.

“Don’t worry. I locked the door.”

My brow furrowed. Only for a split second I questioned why he would say that. In the next second I knew. He lifted my blouse to reveal my lace covered breasts. Only for a brief moment I thought, ‘What are we doing?’ I abandoned that though as soon as he lifted my breast out of my bra and took the stiff peaked nipple gently into his mouth.

“I’ve wanted you, Mo.” Mark spun me around so that I was facing away from him. He lifted my skirt and seemed to take a moment to worship my ass. Both hands covered the roundness of my ass in slow circles.

Smack! I jumped a little. Even though it wasn’t a hard smack, I still briefly wondered if anyone outside of this room heard it. His fingers then went to my warm, soft opening. I was so wet my juices were almost dripping down my leg. He circled my clit and I gave a small moan. I wanted him so bad!

Next, I felt a thick, warm cock pushing between my folds.

“You are so fucking sexy! I can’t wait to feel you surrounding me.” His cock pushed deep inside me with one thrust and I gave a small yelp of pleasure. My husband wasn’t as big, so Mark fit nice and tight. As he began moving in and out I felt something that I’d never felt before. The friction on my G spot was so intense!

“I think I’m going to . . .” Cum! I was cumming! After only a few strokes of Mark’s thick cock I came! In all the years that I’d been married I’d never cum vaginally before. Unlike when I cum with clitoral stimulation, immediately after cumming, I began to build up to another climax.

“Oh, Mark! Fuck me harder!”

“Your wish is my command, sexy!”

I just wanted to moan with ecstasy, but I had to keep it down! There was nothing we could do about the ‘smack, smack, smack’ as he fucked me for all he was worth. He put his hands in that special place at my hips and drove into me with such force that I had to hold onto the conference table.

“Oh god, Mo! Oh, fuck!”

“Fuck me, Mark!”

“Oh, baby. I’m going to cum! Cum with me, baby!”

I came. And I came. And I came. All over his dick and his balls until it was dripping down my leg.

He collapsed over my back. Both of us were breathing deeply having spent all of our energy. He gave a little growl as he pushed off of me and stood up, zipping up his pants.

“I would say that I’m sorry, Mo. I truly meant to only discuss what went on in Keith’s office, but I couldn’t help myself. You don’t know how many times I wanted to do just that.” He turned away from me to grab the roll of paper towels on the counter at the back of the room.

“Mark, no need to apologize. I actually hope that we can do that again.” I was actually thinking that this turn of events was a nice little surprise. I had never had an office tryst. This could be fun. I pulled down my skirt and began to straighten my clothes.

That’s when we heard the door to the conference room open and close. I thought Mark had said that he’d locked the door!

“Well, well, well!” Both of us turned to see that Keith had entered the room. He had a Cheshire cat grin on his face. “Mind if I join?”

New Year’s Sex

Originally published 1/2/2015

It was New Year’s Day and I knew no one would be at the laundry mat.

Last night had been a bust. I had gotten stood up for the New Year’s Eve party and because my date was my ride, the night ended with me toasting myself with the little bit of hard cider that I had in the fridge. I didn’t seem to have much luck in the dating department lately.

Don’t get me wrong! I have gone on plenty of dates in the past year, whether they were suggestions from friends or matchups through an online dating site; I pretty much had gone on a date every weekend the majority of the year. But, enough was enough. Sometimes I wondered if it was my size that kept men from going on more than one date with me. Well . . . that couldn’t be the only reason I seemed unsuccessful. Sometimes the guys that I went on dates with were nut jobs and I was the one that decided only one date was necessary.

I am a curvy woman of average height. I had an ass, but I didn’t think of it as one of my best features. That is probably because my G sized breasts steal the show. People have told me that I have an exotic look about me with my caramel colored skin, my almond eyes and jet black hair. I often noticed men staring, but it usually didn’t go beyond that, so I always assumed that they couldn’t get past the extra weight that I carried.

When I got out of bed this morning I decided to start fresh and focus on making me a better person. Who needs a guy to be happy with life?

Unfortunately, my solitude did not last very long. As I was putting my last few items of clothing into the wash a tall hooded man walked in with a large load of laundry. I didn’t pay him a lot of attention because he began loading the washers on the opposite side of the laundry mat. I sat on the benches near the front of the laundry mat and settled down to finish my latest romance novel that I had downloaded to my phone’s eBook app. I was so involved in the story that I had forgotten that there was anyone else in the room.

I jumped a mile when a heard a deep, sexy voice right in front of me. I dropped my phone on the seat and took the time to retrieve it before glancing up at where that voice came from. All thoughts left my head as I laid eyes on a man who could have easily taken the award for sexiest man of 2014. He had pushed his hood back to reveal shoulder length blonde hair, the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen so close up, and something a little more than a 5 o’clock shadow on a square jaw. His t-shirt was tight against his chest, revealing a muscular frame that I immediately wanted to reach out and touch. One muscle clad arm was decorated in a Celtic tattoo which reached all the way to his wrist. My slow perusal of this sexy godlike man ended at eye level and I wondered what lay under those tight jeans. And there was something more. He wore my favorite Polo cologne. My eyes quickly snapped back up to his face when I heard his voice say something again.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?” I asked, trying not to focus on his gorgeous lips which broke into a sexy lopsided grin when our eyes met.

“I asked if you had change for a $5 because the change machine won’t take my mangled money.” He revealed a five dollar bill that was dog eared.

“Of course. I always have ones because I waitress at O’Malley’s.” Did he need to know that last little bit of information? I always seemed to say too much when I’m nervous.

I reached into my pocket and gave him five ones. Our hands touched when we exchanged the money and my eyes snapped to his. His eyes revealed that also he felt the undeniable electricity between us.

Our trance soon ended when another person joined us, lugging their dirty laundry over to a nearby washing machine. My tall stranger went back to tending to his clothes, and I to my book, but I couldn’t help but notice several stolen glances from my tall stranger. And with each stolen glance my juices pooled and my clit throbbed. Oh, the things I could imagine!

But, then I remembered my decision as of that morning to forget about guys and focus on my own personal growth. That had to begin somewhere. I would get nowhere if I entertained thoughts of this stranger any longer.

With my decision made, I quickly pulled my clothes from the dryer and proceeded to fold them at a location furthest from the tall sexy stranger.

Determined to make this year different, I loaded the last of my two baskets in my car.

As I backed up to close the back door, I ran into something solid. I spun around just as the tall stranger took a step forward, closing the distance between us. His lips landed on mine as he drove me up against the frame of the car, my butt with nothing solid to rest on because I had never gotten the door closed.

His lips crushed against mine as they softened into a deep kiss. Suddenly his tongue invaded the opening between my lips and his hands roamed over my curves. My shock quickly turned into electric heat as his hands cupped my breast and one of his fingers lightly pinched at my nipple. His mouth left mine to trail kisses on that special place where my shoulder meets my neck that makes me weak at the knees.

“I want you now, sexy,” he said gruffly as he gently pulled me over to the open back door of his king cab truck. I hadn’t it noticed was parked right next to my car. As he slid in backwards he kept my hand in his and his eyes never left mine.

Once we were in the cab and the door was closed behind me, he quickly unbuttoned his jeans and slid his pants down around his ankles revealing his rock hard, thick cock. Before he even settled back against the seat my mouth was on his cock as if drawn to it by some magical force. His thickness filled my mouth as it throbbed, and he let out a moan as my wet mouth slid up and down, coating his shaft.

“Oh, baby. I knew when I saw your perfect lips that they would fit nicely over my dick.”

His words made my juices begin to pool and I reached into my panties with my free hand and began to massage my clit. His hand followed mine to that warm place between my legs and he felt for himself how wet I was.

“I think you’re ready for me, sexy.”

He spun me around so that I was facing away from him, pulling my panties down at the same time. I was crouched in such a way that my ass was almost level with his face. He sucked in a breath as his big hands outlined my ass, massaging it. He groaned with unbridled desire as he reached into his pants for a condom. He quickly tore open the pack and rolled it onto his dick in record time.

His hands went to my waist as he guided me to sit on his throbbing cock. We both let out identical groans as my pussy slid over this cock coating him with my juices.

“Fuck yeah,” he said as I began my slow ride.

I loved taking it slow in the beginning so that I could feel every inch of his cock as he filled me, stretching my lips with that perfect fit. After a minute or two I decided I wanted to watch his face, so I turned around and straddled him. My pace quickly became faster as I began to feel the first contractions deep in my abdomen. I knew in this position I could come multiple times. My moans grew louder as my eyes locked with his.

The pools of his eyes deepened from a light blue to the dark blue of a stormy sea. He lifted my blouse and I pulled out my large boobs out of my bra.

“Mmmmm . . . they are so big and warm.” As I rode him for all he was worth he took one of my nipples into his mouth, gently scraping his teeth against the hard nub. His gentle sucking combined with the feeling of his shaft hitting my cervix brought me closer to a huge orgasm. The truck jolted up and down with each thrust.

The tall, sexy stranger’s dick grew so large inside of me and filled me completely. His hands went to my waist as he quickened the pace until it became frenzied with lust. My moans became grunts as I matched him stroke for stroke. He let out a final groan as his whole body clenched with his orgasm. For a second, time seemed to stand still in that moment right before my entire body contracted and I came hard. My juices flowed over his dick and I could still feel it throbbing as we both came together.

I lay on his chest, my energy spent as I reveled in the feel of his sexy body against mine. His strong arms circled around me, grabbing my ass, and squeezing tight.

“You are so fucking sexy. That. Was. Amazing!”

I leaned back to see that slow sexy smile on his lips again.

“My name is Jeremy.”

And just like that, my decision from that morning went right out of my pretty little head.

A Weekend Surprise – Part One

Originally published 4/16/2012

The long day was finally over and it was Friday. The entire week was a tough one and I was glad that I could finally just relax at home and do nothing. That is, if my children didn’t demand too much of my attention. My kids were fifteen and eleven years old and usually a real joy to be around. Today, though, I just wanted to veg.

“Bye, Frank.” Wearily I waved to the night security guard as I walked through the lobby area.

“’Night, Natalie. Any exciting plans for this weekend?”

“Yes. Nothing,” I said smiling. “I just want to do nothing this weekend. That’s about as exciting as it gets. It’s been a tough week. What about you?”

“I’ll be here. Working the weekend shift.”

“Well, you have a good one, Frank. Don’t work too hard.”

The night was balmy with a gentle breeze as the sun began to set. I could clearly see the downtown Los Angeles skyline as I looked northwest. I loved summer nights like this. The weekend weather promised to be perfect.

I used the remote key to start the engine as I approached to let the air conditioner cool the car down a bit before I got in. After stowing my laptop in the back seat I slid into the driver’s side, loving the feel of the leather seats as they retained some of the heat from the day.

What is that? There was a red envelope under the windshield wiper. I got out of the car and looked around to see if the person who’d left it there was still around. Of course not, I thought to myself.

‘Hey, baby. I have a special night planned for you. Before you leave I want you to go back in the building and pick up a package from Frank, the night security guard. Strange, I know, but believe me. You will like what’s in the package. Your next instructions will come soon.

Love, M’

I felt a smile creeping up my face and my nipples begin to tingle. What was this about? The last thing that I expected was a note from Michael, my husband. He had left for a business trip to San Francisco earlier in the week and wasn’t expected back until tomorrow morning.

Frank was sitting at the receptionist desk looking at the security monitors when I came back and knocked on the glass doors.

“I was wondering when you would be back,” Frank smiled as he handed over the package.

“Frank, you must be a good poker player,” I chuckled as I took the package from him. He puffed up at that.

“I gave the best a run for their money back in the day,” he smiled. “You have a good weekend, Ms. Natalie.”

I took the package back to my car before I opened it. The package was wrapped in brown paper with a red ribbon tied around it and a little heavier than I’d expected. Under the ribbon was another red envelope.


I practically ripped the wrapping off the package. I smiled to myself. My husband always laughed at the fact that I was never shy about gift wrap like some are.

The first thing I noticed was the color red. Whatever was in the box was wrapped in red tissue paper. I folded the paper back and saw, nestled in a sea of rose petals, a bottle of wine, a small box of truffles, and a hotel room key card. Hmmmm . . . this is getting more and more interesting. I jumped when, what looked like a livery driver, knocked on my window. How long was he standing there?

“Natalie Martija?”

“Yes, I’m Natalie.”

“Michael sent me. I’m here to take you to your next destination.”

I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a sleek, black limousine parked behind me.

“Michael said to give you this.” The limo driver handed me another red envelope. I slowly reached for it as my gaze toggled between the driver and the limo. A limo!

‘No holds barred. Enjoy the ride. I’ll see you in the morning.’

I’ll see you in the morning? Michael planned all this for me and wasn’t even here to enjoy it with me? What is the fun in that?

“Mrs. Martija, is there anything you would like to take with you?”

“Ummm . . . just my laptop, I suppose.”

I handed the driver my laptop from the back seat, locked my car and followed the driver to the door at the rear of the limousine.

“What about my car?”

“Don’t worry about a thing, Ms. Natalie. Michael already spoke to me about keeping an eye on your vehicle.” Franked waved to me from the door of the office. I smiled and waved back at him in thanks.

I ducked my head as I entered the limo and noticed that the inside was lit up with neon running lights. I plopped down on the nearest seat and looked back at the driver as he shut the door.

Even with the neon lights my eyes took a moment to adjust to the interior of the limo. My sight took in the leather seating and the nearby mini bar. There was a bench seat along one side of the limo facing the mini bar. As my eyes traveled the length of the bench seat I was startled to see two men sitting near the front near the driver’s cabin. They were gorgeous! Wait, I knew these guys – Sam and Keith. They were coworkers of Michael’s that I’d met at his last employee holiday party only months ago. Neither of the two men was married. Keith was recently divorced from his wife of six years and Sam had never been married. Keith was close to 40 and Sam was in his early 30’s. Evidence of long hours at the gym was apparent on both men. Tonight they wore linen shirts that were unbutton at the neck and slacks that accentuated their muscular thighs.

Suddenly, I remembered the pillow talk that Michael and I had been having over the last couple of months. He’d noticed that I often seemed to be distracted when either Sam or Keith were in the room that night at the party, my eyes straying in their direction with sly glances. At first Michael began to tease me about one or the other when we were in bed. He would taunt me, saying ‘Do you want to feel Sam’s dick in your ass while I fuck your cunt?’ We talked about both men so much during sex it was as if they were in the room with us.

“Hello, Natalie.” Sam patted the space between the two men. “Come sit over here.”

I kind of duck crawled over and sat between the two guys. I breathed in their clean masculine scents. I wanted to ask what they were doing in my limo, but my mouth wouldn’t obey my brain.

Sam pulled me close to him, his right hand dropping over my shoulders to rest lightly on my right breast. Keith was sitting to the right of me and rested his hand high on my right thigh.

Sam brought his mouth to my ear. I could feel his hot breath as he said, “We’re whisking you away for a getaway in San Diego . I hope that you’ll enjoy the ride.” His lips caressed my ear, sucking the lobe. My breath quickened and my heart began to race and the juices in my hot cunt began to flow. I couldn’t believe that the stuff of my dreams was here, in this limo with me.

“Don’t get me wrong,” I finally said, “I love that you guys are here, but what is this? What are you guys up to?”

“Michael told us about the role play you do in bed. He figured that you could only do so much imagining before it became old. He mentioned to us that a dose of reality was in order and,” Keith gave a low chuckle, “we were more than willing to help make your dreams come true.” Keith said the last as his hand traveled up my thigh and under my skirt to touch my hot mound.

The words from Michael’s last note came back to me – ‘no holds barred.’

Sam pulled me closer and planted a deep kiss on my lips. His tongue pushed on my lips seeking entrance. I parted my lips and he began leisurely twirling his tongue on the inside of my mouth. His tongue continued to dance with my own as his hand found its way into my bra. He began gently pinching my nipple with one hand as he unsnapped my bra with the other. After unbuttoning my blouse, his mouth left mine to take the place of his fingers on my left nipple.

Keith smoothly shifted to the floor, running his hands up my legs. He slowly pulled my panties down and placed them next to the bar. Running his hands up my thighs, he spread my legs apart. I felt his hands traveled around my hips to nudge me to the edge of the seat.

“Mmmm. . . .” Keith moaned and took a deep breath before diving in, licking my cunt, which was already dripping with my juices. Keith’s tongue was driving me wild! Slowly he lapped up my juices as his tongue entered my hot channel, fucking my cunt. He sucked one nether lip and then the other. Oh my god, I felt like I was in heaven. His lips latched onto my swollen mound as his fingers slid into my hole. I moaned against Sam’s mouth as I lost myself to the pleasure.

“Mmmmm . . . you guys are good.” Too good. Even though Michael had given me permission to enjoy these two hot guys I felt a tinge of guilt and being allowed to experience it without him. All thoughts of my guilt left me when Keith removed his pants in one fluid movement. His rock hard cock sprang up and eclipsed my vision and my thoughts.

The head of Keith’s dick mushroomed into a large smooth bulb. As he kneeled before me, completely nude, he stroked his cock, the tip growing larger and redder. He looked so delicious I couldn’t keep my mouth off of him for one more minute. He backed up so that I could kneel before him. Sam came up behind me and positioned himself so that he was lying on his back with his face right under my hot, dripping pussy. He took up where Keith left off as I gave Keith a blow job.

“Oh yeah, baby. Your mouth feels so good!” Keith threw his head back, reveling in the pleasure that I gave him with my hot, wet mouth. I could taste the salty sweet of the pre cum as I pumped his cock in and out of my wet mouth. Keith’s hips gently rocked back and forth as he put his hands through my hair. I could hear him sucking in his breath as I ran my tongue up the bottom side of his cock to swirl my tongue around the head. I gently massaged his balls with one hand as I licked the space between his legs and his ball sack. Keith moaned. One more special spot – I ran my tongue down the top side of his shaft and paid special attention to the spot at the base of his cock.

“You’re driving me crazy, girl!”

I decided that I couldn’t have him feeling too good. I wanted him to last a little longer, so left his dick and I inched my way up his body, the chill touching my pussy as I moved away from Sam’s mouth. I paused in my ascent to suck on each of Keith’s nipples in turn. He brought his hands up to rest on my hips.

As I climbed higher I could feel my nipples rub against his chest and felt the tingle shoot all the way down to my cunt, making me even wetter. God, I loved the feel of skin on skin! And this was new skin. Keith was definitely in better shape than Michael. His tight, bulging muscles were powerful as he helped me line my pussy up with his thick cock. I could hear Sam shifting behind me as Keith’s cock shoved its way deep into my hole. I swear that I could feel every ripple of muscle, every vein, as he buried himself deep within me. Slowly he moved in and out, my clit throbbed as it rubbed up against the base of his shaft. My hands rested on his strong muscular shoulders as I rode him. He felt so good I almost forgot that Sam was there until I heard his husky voice behind me.

“You guys can’t have all the fun.” Sam grabbed a bottle of lube that I had not seen sitting on the mini bar. He rubbed it on his cock, pumping it a few times, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. He dripped some of the lube in the crack of my ass as he spread my cheeks, entering first one finger and then two. He slid his fingers in and out, getting me ready for his big cock. My body was tingling all over with the duel vibes of having Keith’s cock in my pussy and Sam’s fingers in my ass. My body shuddered with pleasure.

“Mmmmmm. . . are you ready for me, baby?”

I relaxed myself and felt the head of Sam’s cock as it gently pushed its way into my ass. Sam waited for a moment while I adjusted to the extra pressure, my hole stretching to accommodate his girth. Sam slowly pushed in until he was all the way in to the hilt. Again, he rested for a moment to let me adjust. There was a stinging sensation at first, but the pain soon gave way to pleasure.

Then they began to move, slowly pumping in and out in tandem.

Keith was sucking on my nipples and the sensations were all most too much for me to bear. I looked down at my arms as they rested on Keith’s shoulders and saw a thin sheen of sweat, my body heating with excitement and ecstasy. Keith smacked my ass and my eyes popped open in surprise. Oh, I was racing towards my climax. The grunts and moans from both men told me that they were not far off either.

“Oh, god!” The first wave of my climax hit me, wiping out all other senses. My entire body contracting over and over again with each wave as my cum juices flooded their dicks.

Both men continued to thrust, pumping until they came. Keith’s climax hit first. He wrapped his strong arms around me, lifting his hips as his cock pulsed inside of me. His whole body shuddered with his release as his eyes clinched tight.

“I’m . . . cumming!” Sam shouted and seconds later his cock dove deep inside me and I could feel his semen shoot deep in my ass. He was holding on to me for all it was worth as he rode the waves of his climax. Afterwards his head rested on my back, his release taking all from him. We collapsed in a heap on the floor of the limo while we recovered.

“Oh my god, that was fantastic!” I said into Keith’s shoulder. I could barely move.

“That,” came Sam’s husky voice from behind me as he slid back to sit on his butt, “was just the beginning of your weekend surprise.”

Dovetailing – A Sexual Encounter

Originally published 4/9/2012

Karen Shipley had attended a sex toy party at her friend Anabel’s house about a month ago. Not only was she sold on several of the products that the consultant displayed that night, but she also decided to become an independent consultant.

Karen’s husband, Mark, was a little surprised that she wanted to do this, but he knew that it was important to her to have her own spending money. Her husband was oblivious to the final persuasion that had tipped the scale.

That night at Anabel’s house the consultant, Estella, had demonstrated a new lube that was on the market. The lube was made to heat only when it mixed with saliva or the juices from a women’s hot cunt. Estella had surprised the party guests that night by performing a live demonstration. What made it even more exciting is that the party goers were blindfolded and used as the objects of the demonstration. Each of the four women at the party were blindfolded; had to remove their panties; have the special lube poured over their clits; and were given special, individual attention from a mystery man.

Her ‘man’ had made her so hot! He had licked and sucked until she came, her juices flooding down his chin and naked chest. She remembers giggling with embarrassment, but even her embarrassment couldn’t wipe away how amazing that man had made her feel. She had bought several bottles of the lube, but still Estella wouldn’t give up any of her secrets. Even when she agreed to become a consultant Estella withheld the information of who her mystery man had been. In fact, Karen was getting a little frustrated because she couldn’t figure out how to make her parties as exciting as the first party that she had gone to at Anabel’s house.

“Hello?” Karen answered her cell as she sat in her car waiting for her two boys to get out of school.

“Karen? I hope you are not busy tonight. I have the perfect dovetail opportunity for you tonight. I have a class, but I’m not able to make it. Do you think you can do the class for me?” Estella’s voice sounded desperate over the phone. In the independent consulting world, dovetailing was a technique used when the original consultant was unable to service their client’s party. A sister consultant would step in to run the party. Because the sister consultant was doing this out of the goodness of her heart she would get a small percentage of the sales while the main percentage would still go to the consultant who booked the party in the first place. This way a party never has to be cancelled just because the consultant couldn’t make it.

“Sure. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just found out that my mother-in-law will be flying into LAX this evening and I’m the only one able to pick her up. You sure it won’t be a problem?”

“No, no problem at all.”

“Remember that new dual vibrator that we were waiting for? Well, it’s supposed to be released this weekend, but they sent me a sample shipment a little early. I promised my client that I would bring it to the party tonight. Showcasing it tonight won’t be a problem, will it?”

“I don’t see why that would be a problem. Just leave your instructions and I can pick up your kit after I run the kids home.”

“You are the best, Karen. Thanks a million!”

Karen arrived on time at the client’s house, but hadn’t had time to look at Estella’s notes. There were only three women at this party, including Stacey, the host.

“This is kind of a small party, Stacey.” Usually toy parties attracted lots of women.

“Yeah, I know. Estella said that I could only invite two other women. Said that she was having a hard time digging up enough of the new vibrators to demonstrate for us.”

Karen thought that was a strange reason to limit the number of guests at a party, but decided to dismiss it and continue on with setting up.

After she had all the toys displayed artfully on the display table, Karen pulled out the box that contained the new dual vibrator. Her brow creased as she read the selling points and the directions. It looked like this vibrator was to be worn by the woman while having intercourse. Hmmm . . . She picked up Estella’s note which told her that she was going to be the prime demonstrator for this new toy.

Her cell phone vibrated to announce that she’d received a text. She didn’t recognize the number, but perked up when she read the message.

Running a little late. Be there in 5. Don’t start the party without me.

Who would leave that kind of message? She decided not to let it worry her, though. She got the party started and wowed the Stacey and her guests with the various toys and their capabilities. She even showed the special lube, but couldn’t do it justice because she lacked the fantastic demonstrators from her first party.

“Now, ladies, this dual vibrated is new on the market and I don’t know a lot about it myself. So, we’ll be learning . . .” The door bell rang.

“Excuse me, girls. I’ll be right back.” Stacey went out to the foyer to answer door. The guests made small talk until Stacey came back with a man.

“Karen?” The man looked around the room as he called her name, but he quickly settled on her lips, as if he recognized her. She gave a short intake of breath. He was gorgeous and his voice was so sexy it made my clit throb just to hear it. The new guest to the party was at least six foot three inches tall with broad shoulders and a thin waist. He wore a tight t-shirt that accentuated his muscular chest and biceps. It was obvious that he spent hours at the gym. He had sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a wide chin dusted with a five o’clock shadow.

“I’m Karen. Can I help you?”

“I hope that you got my text earlier letting you know that I was going to be a little late?”

“Yes, yes, I did, but I didn’t know that text came from you.”

“I can tell by the look on your face that you are a little confused,” his luscious lips lifted in a one-sided grin. “I’m Seth. Estella asked me to come and help demonstrate the new dual vibrator tonight.”

Where does Estella get these guys? Who cares, Karen thought, as she decided that she was going to ride this wave.

“Okay, I’m a little behind because I didn’t get a chance to read all of Estella’s notes.

How are we going to demonstrate this new toy?” Karen licked her lips, anticipating his answer.

Seth broke into a full grin as he lifted one eye brow. “Hold on a minute.” Seth went back out into the foyer. The women could hear a little shuffling as the front door opened and closed. They all looked at each other with confusion on their faces. Seth entered the room again with three other men of similar build and hotness.

“Estella said that these vibrators need personal demonstration in order to experience the full effects. My guys here – Glenn, Aidan, and Cliff – are going to give each of you a personal demonstration.” Seth pulled three more dual vibrators out of the bag that he’d been carrying when he entered the room and handed them to each of the ladies.

“Okay, ladies, this is where the fun begins. I want each of you to take off clothes from the waist down and insert the vibrator. Then you get to choose which of these guys will be your personal demonstrator, but this one . . .” he paused as his eyes landed on Karen. “This one is for me.” His voice dropped seductively as he gave Karen a pointed stare.

The women wasted no time in removing their panties and inserting the dual vibrators into their slick channels. Cliff pulled out a bottle of lube and tossed it around to the guys as they also removed their pants and rubbed lube on their thick cocks.

Karen almost felt like she was having an out of body experience as she watched everyone get half undressed and go about inserting vibrators and applying lube. The three women, Stacey, Eden, and Holly – had very different personalities and went about choosing their personal demonstrator in different ways. Stacey wasted no time. After removing her panties and inserting the vibrator she chose Aiden who was of similar height. Eden looked between Cliff and Glenn before choosing Cliff. She also looked longingly at Aiden as if she would take them all if she had a choice. Lastly, Holly blushed deeply as she looked at the ground. Glenn walked up to her and drew finger along the underside of her chin, lifting her face for a gentle kiss.

There was already lots of open space in the middle of the living room as each of the men guided the women to lie down.

“Since we don’t know each other all that well, a little foreplay is in order, don’t you agree, Karen?” Seth murmured as he lowered himself on top of her and began sprinkling kisses along her neck. Karen could feel her clit begin to throat. Seth’s cock invaded the space between them with a thick, hotness that made her heart beat quicken.

“Seth, are you the one?” She didn’t need to explain further. She knew that he would understand that she was asking about the lube party from a month ago.

“Yes, and I couldn’t wait to get back into your panties. I’ve been dreaming about you since that night.”

“Did Estella keep you in the dark too?”

“Uh uh, but I ‘suppose she had no choice tonight.”

Karen could hear the other ladies moaning as the men pleasured them. Seth was scraping his teeth across her nipples as they hardened under her blouse. His hands had a mind of their own as they explored her body.

“Are you nice and wet yet?” His smoky voice asked as his fingers dipped between her wet folds. “Oh, yes, we are ready.” He massaged her clit until her nub swelled to twice its normal size. Her cunt was throbbing, begging for release.

“Ladies, go ahead and turn the vibrators on.” Seth looked into Karen’s eyes with a wicked grin. “Guys, let’s get ready to ride.”

There was a moment’s pause while the ladies turned their vibrators on. Karen heard a low hum and the intake of multiple breaths. As Seth prepared his cock to enter her slick channel Karen looked over at the other women. Each of them was looking up into the eyes of their lovers as their faces flushed with excitement. Each of them giving a collective moan as the men slowly slid their dicks into the women’s cunts.

Karen couldn’t believe how amazing it felt! The vibrator was angled so that it pressed against her g-spot as Seth’s cock filled her. The other end of the vibrator was nestled against her clit. Karen looked into Seth’s eyes and she could tell that he was enjoying the vibrations. The vibrator accelerated her pleasure and made it impossible not to cum right away. Waves of pleasure rocked through her as her climax hit her. Her whole body convulsed as her clit contracted over and over again. Seth lifted up her blouse and took her left nipple into his mouth. He was sucking and massaging as he continued to extract every last drop of her climax out of her.

“Oh my god, Aiden!”

“Come on, baby!”

“Oooooo, Cliff!”

“Holly, you are amazing!”

The sounds of their sex joined together as each of the women came. Karen soon realized that none of the men had cum, including Seth. They each continued to pump their stiff cocks into the women.

“I don’t care about the other toys. This one has me sold!” Karen heard Eden should from the other side of the room. “Does the demonstrator come with it? Oooooo!”

These men were experts! They gently, but steadily brought each of the women back to the brink of climax before shifting them onto their hands and knees. They each entered the women doggy style. Because the vibrator was pleasuring her clit Seth’s hands concentrated on Karen’s boobs. The multiple sensations were sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

“Oh, baby! I am cumming. Now!” Just as Karen felt her own resistance break Seth came, shooting wave after wave of his hot, sticky cum into her pussy. She knew that each of the other couples had reached their pinnacle because the room was filled with gasps and moans.

“Seth, you are an incredible demonstrator. I hope that you will demonstrate for my parties in the future.”

In no time Karen rose in the ranks and became a director of the company. She never had a problem adding consultants to her team because she had her own dedicated demonstrators that were experts in getting women to buy any product that the company had for sale. Success was bliss!!

After The Party Next Door

Originally published 4/8/2012

It had been two weeks since the toy party at her neighbor’s house. Jackie’s neighbor, Anabel, had a toy party that ended with a twist. The mystery lover’s tongue lapping up the dripping juices from her cunt were still playing over and over in her mind. No matter what she threatened Anabel with, her neighbor had promised not to give her secrets away.

Jackie still had fleeting moments where she felt guilty for giving in to the pleasure at the party; Her 15 year marriage to John was a marriage of faithfulness to each other. Both Jackie and John kept their sex life alive and were truly each other’s best friend. So, why was she yearning to know who her mystery man was? Why was she reliving each moment of the party next door?

“Jackie!” Patricia, Jackie’s administrative assistant snapped her fingers in front of her face to get her attention. Jackie blinked as Patricia’s face came into focus. Her mind felt a little foggy with thoughts of being back in the mystery man’s arms again.

“Are you thinking about him again?” Patricia whispered. Jackie had shared with Patricia what happened at that party. Jackie and Patricia shared a close working relationship and felt at ease with each other to share the more risqué happenings in their lives. “Isn’t this constant day dreaming affecting your marriage? Has John noticed?”

“No, John hasn’t noticed. At least, I don’t think so. When I’m at home I’m very attentive to John’s needs. Besides, I’m only day dreaming, that’s all. I don’t even know who this guy is – what his name is.”

“Well, you’d better start focusing on work. The new boss is here today and Martha said that the team is taking him out to lunch after new hire orientation.”

The new boss. The only thing that Jackie knew about her boss was that his name was Cliff Hartley. He was recruited through a headhunter company to fill the position as Director of Talent Management. His job was to oversee the recruiting piece as well as the learning and development piece of human resources. He had a big job ahead of him mapping out succession planning and pipeline development. Jackie, as the Manager of Talent Acquisition, would be working very closely with Cliff.

“I still don’t understand why you were not included as part of Cliff’s hiring process. You haven’t even seen him yet, right?”

“Nope, but I’m not worried. Robert has promised me that Cliff and I will have a great working relationship. I trust Robert, so I’m not worried.” Robert was the V.P. of human resources and someone who Jackie trusted when it came to knowing relationship mixes. Jackie knew that Robert wouldn’t hire someone who the team would hate.

The office was your typical cubicle world with walls tall enough that you couldn’t see over them unless you were over six feet tall. Just as new hire orientation ended Jackie decided to take a quick trip to the restroom to freshen up. Before she rounded the corner to cross the hall to the ladies room she heard him. It was that voice. The voice that she’d heard say ‘Come with me, baby!’ just over two weeks ago as he held her in his arms and fucked her until they both came. That voice was deep and chocolaty smooth like that of the country singer Josh Turner. Jackie stopped in her tracks as her cunt immediately flooded with her juices and her nipples began to tingle. The voice was coming from the other side of the room and she could barely see his head as she stood on tip toe. She saw the silky black hair of her mystery stranger as he and Robert walked back towards the corner offices.

Could it be? Could Cliff Hartley – her new boss – be her mystery man? Yes, she was already thinking of him as hers. She thought back to the magic that his tongue unleashed on her as he had licked up and down on her clit. He had sucked her nub until it was swollen and she soared to new heights that even John, her husband, had never taken her to. Even now she caught herself panting with the need to feel his thick cock in her tight pussy. She quickly looked around to make sure that there was no one near. Thankfully, much of the staff assigned to the nearby cubicles was already at lunch.

She rushed off to the ladies room to freshen up and wipe some of the moisture off her panties. If this was her mystery man she had to make sure that she looked her best. Jackie quickly washed and dried her hands before going to meet the team in Robert’s office.

As she rounded the corner before entering the office she heard him. How, oh how would she be able to work with this man every day and not jump his bones every chance she got?

She heard Cliff give a deep, throaty laugh at something that Robert had said. She creamed her panties again. This was going to be a long day!

He was gorgeous! He had black, silky hair with soft, relaxedcurls. He had deep green eyes and a strong jaw line that sported a thinly shaved and mustache. She shivered as she remembered feeling the roughness of his goatee as it massaged the entrance to her slick channel. His strong muscular frame was evident even beneath his business suit. Jackie nearly licked her lips at how delicious he looked, even better than her imagination had created.

Cliff saw her come into the office. What he noticed first, what he recognized, was her lips. He had kissed those sweet lips two weeks ago as she had kissed him back. The second thing he noticed was her scent. She smelled of sweet jasmine mixed with something more, something that was unique to his mystery woman. He almost closed his eyes to savor that scent – the scent that he thought he would never smell again.

Two weeks ago his close friend, Estella, had asked him to do something unusual, something unheard of. Estella was an independent consultant for Make Me Cum, a direct sales sex toy company. A new lube had come out on the market and Estella claimed that it worked miracles for a sexual encounter.

Cliff had broken up with his long-time girlfriend two years ago and was in need of a good sex romp. He just didn’t know how to go about it. Working in Corporate America with an ambitious drive for business, Cliff strove to keep his work relationships separate from his personal relationships. Long hours at work over the past couple of years meant his sex life suffered.

His new boss, Robert, was saying something and it wasn’t until he touched Cliff’s shoulder that Cliff came out of his reverie. He heard Robert chuckle, as if he knew where Cliff’s thoughts had gone. His mystery woman had a small smile on her lips and her hand extended towards him.

“Nice to me you, Miss . . .” Cliff hadn’t heard the original introduction because he had been caught up in the memory of what those soft lips had felt like.

“Mrs. MacKenna, but please call me Jackie. We are all on first name basis here.” Her eyes were grey. Her voice was smoky. His cock began to stiffen.

The other night he’d only heard her moan as he sucked her clit, as he had fucked her juicy, hot cunt. Had she said ‘Mrs.’? Yes, he knew at least that much. Estella had told him as much when he threatened to string her up if she didn’t give away her secrets. Cliff didn’t know how committed Jackie was to her husband, but he found himself secretly hoping that the marriage was on the rocks. He quickly stuffed those thoughts, however. He had to stay true to his promise to himself when it came to work relationships. He just didn’t know if that was going to be possible while working in close proximity to Jackie every day.

He shook her hand and thought back to how those hands felt in his hair and he held her with, her legs around his waist, he cock thrusting in and out of her slick channel. He felt his face grow hot and their eyes connected with a mutual recognition.

Over the next several weeks Cliff and Jackie spent minimal time together as Cliff got acclimated to his new position and duties. Today, they were finally getting together for a little one-on-one.

“You ready, Cliff?” Jackie stepped into the office and closed the door.

He watched her hips sway as she walked towards his desk and sit in the chair opposite his own. For a moment they both just sat there in silence.

He was captivated by her grey eyes. Her lips were plump and silky smooth. Cliff knew that he couldn’t, and wouldn’t fight his attraction to Jackie any more. Throwing care to the wind he stood and came around to sit on the edge of the desk, opposite her chair, their knees barely touching.

“It was me.”

Even before she stepped foot in Cliff’s office her hands had grown clammy and her heart raced. Before today neither of them had even acknowledge that night at Anabel’s.

“I know.” No other words are needed.

Cliff took her hands and pulled her to stand before him. Gently, very gently, he took her face into both of his hands and kisses her. When she kisses him back their attraction to one another is obvious. Cliff reaches behind her to lock his office door and she thinks to herself that if ever there was a time to turn back now would be it. Instead she finds herself caressing his ass.

Cliff quickly turns around to embrace her with a deep kiss, his tongue exploring the tender sweetness of her mouth. Jackie can feel his thick shaft pressing against her stomach and lets out a soft moan.

Cliff seems to lose all control as he pushes Jackie’s skirt up to her waist and lifts her into his arms. Jackie wraps her legs around Cliff’s muscular torso and can feel his cock pressing against her hot nether lips.

“Cliff! I need you right now. Please tell me that you are about to fuck me in your office?”

“Oh yes, baby. I can’t wait to slam my dick into your pussy. Is your pussy wet for me?”

“Oh my god, yes!”

Everything was said in hushed whispers so that their voices would not carry outside of the office doors. Cliff brought her to the back wall of the office so that they wouldn’t be heard. Cliff set her down for a moment and Jackie reached to release his thick cock. He sprang free and she pumped his thick staff in her hand for a few strokes. Cliff groaned with pleasure, his jaw clenching with need.

“Come on baby, let’s taste that sweet pussy!”

Before Jackie knew it Cliff had lifted her all the way up until her head almost touched the ceiling. Jackie rested her legs over his shoulders as his face dove into her wet, hot cunt. The feeling of his tongue licking and lapping was amazing. Feeling the rippling muscles of his arms as he held her high was driving her insane.

“Oh my god, Cliff! I’m going to cum!”

Cliff took her encouragement and sucked harder on her clit while he alternated thrusting his tongue deep into her channel. Jackie’s climax felt like thunder without sound. Her body rippled with contractions as Cliff continued to suck every last drop out of her. Slowly she became aware of Cliff still holding her up. She looked into his beautiful eyes totally satisfied, totally sated.

He slowly lowered her down and settled her around his waist as he shoved his cock deep into her tight cunt, which was still convulsing from her climax.

“Oh, baby, you are so hot! I missed you so much. You don’t know how I threatened Estella to give away her secrets and tell me who you were.”

Jackie couldn’t help but smile. “I felt the same about you. I just wanted your hot dick inside me again.”

“Well, you’ve got it.” Cliff increased his thrusts as he quickly climaxed. She felt him squeeze her ass in his hands with his last thrusts. She breathed in his masculine freshness as she rested her head in the crook of his neck.

“Oh, baby. This may be the best job that I’ve ever taken.”

The Party Next Door

Originally written 4/3/2012

Jacqueline, or Jackie as she was called by most, had just gotten home from work. She threw her keys in the bowl by the front door and hung her soaking wet jacket in the nearby closet. Her mind was so tired from the day. Meeting after meeting. It seemed that every Tuesday and Thursday was like this ever since she was promoted to Manager of Talent Acquisition.

The leadership staff was asking for the world from her recruiters while not giving them the budget to get it done. It was like trying to squeeze milk out of a turnip! She was so frustrated when she finally got home. To top it off, her husband of 15 years was out of town this week on a business trip. Normally, she would have gone for an evening jog after work to let off steam, but with the rain coming down in torrents outside jogging was out of the question.

As she poured herself a glass of wine the thought that had carried her through the day resurfaced. Her friend, and next door neighbor Anabel, was throwing a sex toy party tonight. If nothing else she could sit back and relax with a few friends while they had a good time.

Jackie took a quick shower, put on a light thigh length casual dress, threw on her rain jacket, some galoshes, and headed next door. Anabel’s house was gloriously warm and well lit. There were already three ladies drinking pinot noir and snacking on appetizers. She knew two of the ladies. They were also neighbors and lived at the end of the street. The third was the consultant.

“Hello, you must be Jackie. I’m Estella.” As they shook hands Jackie noticed that Estella was drop dead gorgeous! She always thought that toy party consultants were frumpy house wives who couldn’t find anything better to do with their time. Estella did not look like a frumpy housewife. She looked like a Latin goddess.

“Hey, Jackie. So glad that you could make it. Well, ladies,” Anabel said to each of them. “That’s it. Small party tonight. Let’s get started, Estella. I can’t wait to see what goodies you’ve brought us.” Anabel rubbed her hands together as everyone gathered in the living room.

Estella had set up a table in the living room with some of the usual toys that you would expect. Jackie was a little disappointed that there weren’t more toys on the table. The evening wore on while Estella demonstrated the use of all the toys on the table. She also had copies of her catalog out and often mentioned other toys that were available or complimentary to those that she demonstrated for us.

Finally, about 20 minutes into the party, Estella pulled a small bottle from her pocket.

“This, ladies, is our special lube.” The bottle was clear with simple lettering on it. Jackie didn’t think that it looked very special.

“What’s so special about it?” Jackie heard herself say before she could catch herself.

Estella had a special gleam in her eyes. “Well, this lube does a couple of things. It heats to the touch and has a faint tingling sensation that could only come from peppermint. There’s another feature that I’d like to show you, but I feel that you’ll really have to experience it yourselves.”

Jackie’s interest was piqued. She thought that maybe Estella was going to suggest that they squirt a little of the lube on their arms so that they could feel and experience the lube for themselves.

“I want each of you ladies to tie these blindfolds around your head and strip down, removing your panties.”

All the women’s mouths dropped to the floor. All except Anabel’s. Anabel had a very smug look on her face.

“What? I told you ladies that this wasn’t going to be your usual toy party,” She said just before her lip got pouty. “You didn’t believe me, huh?”

All the women looked around the room at each other. Wondering who was going to be the first to do as Estella had asked and tie the blindfold on.

“Come on, ladies. I promise you this is the best way to experience this lube. I know that you’ve all had a hard day. What you will experience tonight will wash away the day and leave you with a peaceful mind. You will have the best night’s sleep, I promise.” Estella shook the bottle slightly as if she was trying to sell a magical elixir to Dorothy from Kansas.

Jackie decided what the hell? She’d had a frustrating day and in lieu of her husband washing her frustrations away through his lovemaking, this had to be the next best thing.

Anabel had placed four of her kitchen stools in the middle of the room. It almost looked like they were going to play a game of musical chairs. “I want each of you to sit in one of these chairs and scoot to the edge with your legs apart,” Estella instructed.

Jackie removed her panties and placed them in her purse, tied the blind fold on noticing that the other women were doing the same thing, and stepped up on the end stool. Nervously, wringing her hands together, she waited for the next directions.

“From this point forward there will be no talking, only feeling.”

Jackie shivered with expectation. What could possibly happen? She was a little nervous in the presence of these other women with her cunt exposed. She had never experience sex with other women and wasn’t sure she was ready for this if, in fact, that’s what was about to happen.

“Ladies, I just want you to know there will be no touching tonight. I will be tying your hands behind your backs so that you won’t be tempted.” Estella said. She felt Estella tie her hands together with something that felt soft like a scarf. The stool offered no back support, so she sat up as straight as she could with her butt on the edge of the seat and her legs apart. Her hands rested lightly just behind her on the seat.

She felt a cool sensation drip down her cunt. Definitely peppermint, Jackie thought. She knew that, in her current position, the lube was probably dripping on the floor. Where was that warmth that Estella promised?

She heard the other ladies give an intake of breath. Suddenly, she felt a tongue lick her pussy and she also gasped. With contact of the warm tongue the lube’s temperature was definitely warmer. The tongue flicked back and forth as it teased her nub until it was nice and swollen. Warm lips suddenly consumed her clit, sucking and licking as if they couldn’t get enough. Jackie let out a low moan and heard three answering moans next to her. She knew that the other three women must be experiencing the same thing. Her pussy was dripping with her juices as the mouth pleasured her.

She felt the roughness of a beard that was a few days old. She squirmed when the rough chin massaged its way into the entrance of her hot channel. The tingling of the lube, the sucking, and the rough texture of the man’s chin was fast bringing her to the brink of climax.

The sucking stopped while the tongue applied firm pressure, slowly licking back and forth, up and down over her clit. She felt a finger enter her tight hole, moving back and forth while the tongue continued to massage her clit.

Jackie was in heaven! The mystery of who could be sending her to heights unknown was driving her crazy. She also felt a little guilt because it wasn’t her husband. But, really, could this be cheating if it was just oral sex? She didn’t think so. For now, she decided that she would forget about her husband and enjoy the moment. She could feel the stress of the day leaving. In fact, her team of recruiters was filled with hot young guys. Every day she found herself gazing at their tight asses as they left her office to go do her bidding. She only dreamed that her bidding was to do exactly this in her office. After all, her office door had a lock for a reason. Every day she was aroused, but was usually able to come home to her husband for sweet release. This week was different with her husband out of town.

She groaned with pleasure as the mouth went back to sucking.

“I want you ladies to feel the full extent of what this lube can do for you,” Estella said. Jackie was thinking that she was already sold on this miracle lube. She was ready to buy several bottles!

Suddenly the mouth and the fingers left. Collectively the ladies gave out a groan of disappointment.

“The only way to really appreciate this lube is in conjunction with a thick, hot dick in your cunt!” Before Jackie even had a chance to process what Estella said, she felt hands grab her around the waist and lift her off the stool. She felt a thick cock pump into her slick cunt and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She gasped as she felt strong arms hold her in place, lifting her up and down over the stiff cock.

At first, the position seemed a little odd with her hands tied behind her back, but soon she was able to lean forward against a rock-hard chest that was already slicked with a thin coat of sweat. Jackie felt her nipples stiffen beneath her dress as they rubbed up against his chest. She heard one of the other women giggle as they all shifted into these new positions. Soon, however, she only heard moans of pleasure as the men thrust their cocks powerfully. The lube intensified the sensations that each felt, taking their ecstasy to higher levels with each thrust.

Jackie couldn’t stand to have her hands tied behind her back. As her man pumped deep into her she worked her ties until they loosed enough to free her hands. She wrapped her arms around his neck giving him better leverage as he squeezed her bare ass in his hands.

As she drew closer to her climax she held on to him for dear life, delighting in the feel of strong arms around her, hugging her to him as he sent them both towards their release. She heard his breath quicken as he gave a moan of his own. His grunts told her that he was close to coming. That’s when she heard his voice for the first time. It was deep, throaty, and sexy.

“Come with me, baby!” His voice alone was enough to send her over the edge. She felt her cunt contract as she climaxed hard. Every other woman in the room seemed to reach their climax at the same time. She heard answering grunts from the other men in the room. Her man continued to hold her as her body continued to contract with the waves of her climax.

“Keep your blindfolds on, ladies.”

The arms gave me a gentle hug as he whispered in my ear, “Baby, you are amazing. I will be your demonstrator anytime.” Oh, god! His deep voice sent excitement zinging through my body again. I felt my juices and his cum begin to drip down my leg. Just that quick I wanted him again. He gave me a quick, firm kiss on the lips and then he was gone. My body ached to feel his touch again.

The room was silent as the four men left the room. One by one Estella went around the room, removing the blindfolds of each woman. The look in our eyes was the same for every one of us. It was a look of longing.

One of the women, I’d learned that her name was Karen, gave a short nervous laugh.

“Estella, that . . . lube is amazing,” Karen said with a big smile on her face. “I will definitely buy a couple of bottles.”

As Jackie went to get her checkbook all she could think about was that expert tongue, that deep voice, those strong arms, and that thick, hot cock.

When she pulled out her checkbook a small piece of paper fell out with the words “Call me” and a phone number. Jackie felt her cunt throb.

Office Quickies – The Executive

Originally written 4/2/2012

The Premise

Justine Baker had been without a man for longer than she could remember. The result? Her only sexual fulfillment came from B.O.B. She thinks that most men are turned off by the confidence that she exudes as an executive at Stanley & Baker, a publishing firm. But, like any other woman, she had needs, and those needs were not the emotional kind but the carnal needs of a woman long deprived.

Today felt like her lucky day, however. She had hired Craig Freemont as her executive assistant, and let me tell you! He was hot, hot, hot. But, that was not what got him the job as her assistant. Craig had come with high remarks from those that he previously worked for. Craig was not just tall, dark and handsome. He had also been an all-star athlete at the nearby university until he had graduated this past summer. Beneath his tailor-made suites you could see the bulge of his muscular frame. Justine licked her lips just thinking about the fact that she would be working in close proximity to him on a regular basis.

“Miss Baker, Mr. Freemont has arrived. Would you like me to show him into your office?” Sara, the receptionist piped in over the intercom.

“Yes, Sara. Have him come right up.” Excitement zinged through her body. Today would be interesting. She only had one meeting on her calendar for today and that wasn’t until the afternoon. That meant that she could spend time training Craig for the majority of the day.

There was a soft knock at her door before it opened and Craig came over the threshold.

“Miss Baker? Hi,” Craig said as he stroked purposefully across the room to stop at her desk. He extended a hand. “Again, I just want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to work for you and your firm. I am looking forward to everything that I experience here.”

So am I, Craig. So am I.

The Tease

Justine gave Craig a quick tour of the firm so he would know where all his resources were. She tried not to let him see the knowing looks the other women on the executive team were giving her. Stanley & Baker was like most other publishing companies. The executive staff was comprised mostly of women. Sometimes that caused problems all on its own, but on the other hand it meant that any man on the staff had their pick of women to choose from.

“Craig, I would like you to meet my partner in crime, Ms. Nadia Stanley.”

Craig gave her the same wolfish grin that he gave Justine when they first met. It was a grin that said he could believe his luck to be among such gorgeous women. Nadia was a woman of average height, and relatively average looks. What she lacked in the beauty department she more than made up for in the personality department, and the . . . eh hem, shall we say the well-endowed department. Nadia was naturally very curvy and she was not ashamed to flaunt it. She had perfect caramel colored skin, beautiful, long legs, and a deep cleavage that she never failed to expose every chance she got. Justine could almost see Craig drool at the sight of her. Oh, yes, she thought to herself. She’d definitely chosen the right man for the job.

“Justine,” Nadia said as she looked Craig up and down with a ravenous look in her eyes. “Don’t keep Craig tied up took long. Remember that he has to spend time training on my needs also.” Nadia said this because for the time being she and Justine would be sharing an executive assistant until they found the right one to assist Nadia.

“Oh, don’t worry, Nadia. What I have to show him won’t take too long. You can have him after lunch. After all, I have that 2 p.m. meeting to attend to anyway.”

“Perfect,” Nadia purred as she squeezed Craig’s left bicep with her perfectly manicured hand. “I look forward to it.”

“Sara, please make sure that Craig and I are not disturbed. His onboarding begins now,” Justine said as she and Craig made their way back to her office.

Justine could see that Craig had no clue what was in store. After all, onboarding is a widely known term amongst new hires. Because Justine was one of the principal partners in the organization, her executive assistant also had an office – the office right next to hers with door that connected the two and would allow Craig to come to her office without having to entering the main hallway. The arrangement offered the perfect privacy for Justine’s well known habits. Nadia, too, had the same office arrangement across the hall from Justine’s. For now the office next to Nadia’s stood empty until they found the right assistant.

Justine and Craig entered her office and, instead of sitting at the desk, they sat in the area that was situated off to the side with two comfy, red living chairs and a love seat.

“Please,” Justine said as she gestured to the love seat. “Have a seat.”

She also sat on the love seat with not more than a handbreadth between them. Justine sat very straight, leaning forward slightly, to give Craig a nice view down the front of her suit. Nadia was not the only woman in the company that proudly displayed her cleavage to all who was willing to look. She saw him glance down at her perfectly rounded breasts briefly and then look up at her face expectantly as he waited for her lead.

“Craig, there will be the usual duties that you’ll need to attend to, such as those that we spoke about during the interview process. There will also be a few other things that are assigned which will be key duties of your position. Duties that I hope you will enjoy.” He arm rested on the back of the love seat as she leaned towards Craig. Her hand brushed his shoulder as she emphasized the last. As she looked into his eyes she could tell that he knew exactly what she meant.

His right hand came to rest lightly on her knee.

“I’m sure that there will be no assignment too difficult for me to handle, Ms. Baker.”

The Climax

Justine liked that answer. She decided that it was time to make her move. She was never nervous about whether an assistant would want to meet her needs. Choosing someone who was the right fit began with the screening and interview process. By the time that new hire walked into her offices she knew that the final cards would fall into place. Her problem had been that she was without an assistant for over a month now! Her only sexual satisfaction had come from B.O.B. She had one at home and one at work, but the experience pales in comparison to having a real dick sliding in and out of her tight, hot cunt.

The sultry stare that Craig was giving her seemed to make the temperature rise in the room. His clean scent reached out to her as she scooted closer, her voluptuous breasts pressed against Craig’s chest as she covered his mouth with hers. Oh! His lips were firm yet soft, and pleasantly warm. Her tongue moved to explore his mouth and she could taste a trace of mint. One of Craig’s hands gently squeezed and massaged her breast. His other hand found its way under her skirt, all the way to her hot, juicy center. A tingling of excitement raced through her.

“Craig, you catch on very fast.” Craig’s rock hard staff was straining to be released from his pants. As she unzipped his slacks his hot dick sprang out with an urgency to be touched. She grabbed his thick staff and noticed that her middle finger and thumb barely reached each other. Justine licked her lips, desire shooting through her all the way to her toes, as she lowered her mouth and tasted the salty drop on the tip of Craig’s dick. She felt him shudder and heard him suck in his breath as her mouth moved up and down on his staff. Her tongue swirled around his head. He was so thick!

“Oh, yeah. I really think that I’m going to like working her.” He moaned, placing his hand gently at the back of her head.

Justine looked into his eyes and she could see the fire of desire smoldering there. Slowly Justine stood up straight, removing her jacket, allowing Craig to see the swell of her breasts as they stretched her blouse tight across her chest. She laid her jacket on the back of the couch and came to stand between his legs.

“I want to test out what kind of ride you can give me.” She turned, facing away from him, and lifted her pleated skit so that her ass was exposed. Craig scooted forward in anticipation, placing his hands at her waist. She felt the cool air tingle her rear as she slowly lowered herself onto Craig’s dick. Her hot pussy molded itself around his thick staff and clinched as she used her thighs to slowly raise herself up again. Oooo, he filled her up! She began to ride him, her pace increasing as she felt herself racing closer to the brink of climax.

Craig’s hands reached around her front to massage her swollen nub. She felt a cool tingle as if she had been kissed with peppermint. She looked down and saw that Craig had a small bottle of peppermint lube in his hands. The man came prepared! She liked that in an assistant.

While one of Craig’s hands massaged her clit the other hand slicked a generous portion of the lube down the crack of her ass. She felt him slide one finger into her from behind, the cool tingle of the peppermint lube adding to her arousal. He then slid two fingers in her ass. She nearly screamed with pleasure and thought that she was going to come right then. The triple sensations in her slick channel, her swollen clit, and her tight ass were enough to drive her insane.

She rode him faster and he finger fucked her in the ass and continued his expert rotations over her clit. When she finally felt her release it came long and hard. Her body shuddered and convulsed as she folded forward with the power of her climax.

Craig lifted her and set her back down so that his dick entered her ass. She could tell that he liked her tight asshole. He sucked in his breath as his hands lifted and lowered her, pumping his thick staff into her. His release came shortly after that in a groan of pleasure. Craig pulled her back so that she leaned up against his chest.

“Oh, my god! You are an amazing boss!”

A smile crept onto Justine’s face. She thought that he was pretty amazing too. She had never had an assistant fuck her in the ass on the first day of work.

Justine walked over to her desk and pulled out some wet towelettes and handed one to Craig.

“Miss Baker?” Sara’s voice came over the intercom. “Sorry to bother you, but Miss Stanley wanted me to let you know that she is ready for Craig now.”

Justine knew the emphasis on ‘now’ that meant that Nadia was horny in need of Craig’s services. She didn’t want to wait until noon. After spending some time with Nadia she knew that Craig’s services would be in high demand. At least until Nadia hired her own assistant. She groaned with the thought of having to share her incredible find, but in order to keep work a pleasant a few concessions were in order.

“Craig, please go see to Nadia’s needs. After you are done with her you are free to go for the day. I’ll expect you back here at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.”

“My pleasure, Miss Baker. Already this has been an enjoyable first day.” His arms circled her to lightly squeeze her ass. She felt his warm lips lightly brush against hers as his clean scent enveloped her. And then he strode out of her office to see Nadia. Justine wondered how much work was going to get done with that man in the office. She sighed, already looking forward to tomorrow.

Office Quickies – The Bus Ride In

Originally written 3/31/2012

Every day I saw those deep hazel eyes turn their gaze on me. Eyes that seemed to see beneath the layers of clothing that I wore down to my lace thong and my size DD demi-cup bra.

Last Friday, my gaze snapped away from those beautiful eyes as the bus took off and I found myself grabbing on to the bar above me to keep from falling. Just three weeks ago my company started an incentive program which paid for half of our monthly public transportation. I was a little nervous at first. Being crammed into an intercity bus was not my idea of fun. My memories of public transportation always take me back to the days when I would take the bus down to the mall with my mother and sisters. I only remember strange, smelly old men who would leer at me as if I was a piece of choice steak. I always sat close to my mother on those bus rides. The destination was always better than the journey.

Riding public transportation this time around was not nearly as bad. The bus was filled with other people who were on their way to work at this hour. I was actually shocked to find men and women in business suits!

After a few days I noticed that I saw many of the same people everyday. One gorgeous passenger, in particular, had caught my eye. I grew fond of him, dubbing him “tall, dark, and handsome.” Usually, when I got on the bus he was sitting in a seat near the middle of the bus, so at first I did not know how tall he was. One time, however, he got up to offer his seat to an elderly lady and I noticed that he was at least 6’ 3” tall. He had strong broad shoulders, lean hips, a tight ass, and large hands. My thoughts would stray as I looked at his hands. Was it true that large hands meant a large dick?

His skin was the color of a creamy caramel latte. Everyday I thought about how I loved whipped cream with my latte, and how I would enjoy licking that whipped cream off his rock hard stomach. The thought almost brought my tongue out to seductively lick my lips, but I always stopped myself, afraid of what others on the bus would think of me. Most of these people, after all, worked in corporate America. They were only concerned with getting to work and getting home. The freak show of a woman having an orgasm on the bus was not a part of the schedule.

He had thick, wavy, black hair. One lock of hair always threatened to fall to his forehead. Oh, how I wanted to run my fingers through his hair while I kissed his luscious lips. I could imagine taking first his bottom lip and then his top lip into my mouth. Oh, this train of thought was going to get me into trouble!

Last Friday the bus was a little more packed than usual. I got on the bus and moved towards the back. To my surprise “tall, dark, and handsome” was also in the back of the bus. He had the fortune to have gotten a seat. As I stood, my back was to him. I tried not to think about how my ass was practically in his face.

As the bus rode along it grew more and more packed with people. I had to step back several paces until the back of my legs were brushing against his knees with every jostle and sway of the bus. Every time the bus took off my ass came within five inches of his face. I could not bare to turn around. I feared that I would see an angry face looking up at me. Or maybe I was afraid that I’d look into those beautiful eyes and see that he enjoyed the view.

Friday, I wore a short business skirt that hugged my ass and thighs. The skirt came to just an inch above my knees and had a two inch slit up the back. I could feel every fiber of his pants as, by this time, our contact seems to be constant. As I reached above my head to hold the bar to steady myself, my skirt lifted even higher. Unfortunately, with so many people on the bus there were no other bars for me to hold on to except the one above my head. It was either hold on to the bar or fall into his lap. That probably would not be such a bad idea. . .

When the bus gave a particularly strong jolt I thought that I felt a hand touch my right leg just above the knee. It seemed like an innocent gesture to steady me. Even though my breath quickened with the contact I did not think that it would be repeated. As we got closer to downtown the bus was stopping at almost every corner to pick up and drop off passengers. Even with people getting on and off the bus did not seem to be any less crowded.

Another jolt and I felt the hand again. This time it lingered a little bit longer and a little bit higher. His hand, this time, was not on the outside of my knee, but on the inside. I knew the hand was from “tall, dark, and handsome” and the thrill of his touch was making my panties wet. Luckily there were so many people all around us that no one noticed him touching me.

With the next jolt of the bus one hand reached up and touched my sex, which was practically dripping with my juices, while the other hand rested on my leg to steady me. Thank God for underwear! Otherwise I would have been dripping down my leg at this point. I was startled at the fact that he did not remove his hand this time, but began to massage my clit through my panties. I know that my face must have been flushed.

Hopefully, no one noticed. The air in the bus was suddenly heating up. I was grateful that I at least had my sunglasses on that day.

My ass naturally thrust itself closer to his face as I spread my legs slightly to give him better access. Each sway of the bus only made the massage more tantalizing. Soon, he pushed my panties aside and his thumb entered my channel while his fingers continued their slow massage of my clit. I let out a soft moan as I heard him fake a cough as a cover. His pace quickened with each city block. At first I could not believe I was on a crowded bus letting some stranger take me to heaven, but eventually all thoughts left my mind as my climax shot through my body like fireworks on a hot July evening.

As I climaxed I lost my grip on the bar above me and fell into his lap. I could feel the hard ridge of his cock through my skirt. As my cunt continued to contract and the bus swayed I slowly rocked myself on his thick rod. I heard him suck in a breath and one of his hands came to rest on my rib cage just below my left breast. In one hand I had hold of my jacket and purse. The other hand rested on his right thigh. This only lasted about a minute because my stop was coming up and I had to get off the bus.

The next stop was mine. I gathered my things, stood up and exited the bus. I was too embarrassed to look back at him. Afraid of what I might see on his face. It’s amazing what you’ll do in the heat of the moment, but when it’s over you don’t know if you’ll live to regret it or if it was the best thing that happened to you. I guess it all depended on how he took it. At that moment, I could not bare to see his face. That was Friday.

Today was Monday. I did not see him on the ride into work. Even though I was embarrassed by what we did on Friday I was still a little disappointed not to see him Monday morning. All throughout the day I keep thinking about him, about how his fingers felt as they slicked in and out of my juicy channel. His fingers felt like magic as circled around my clit. Even the feel of his other hand has he firmly held me in place was a part of the memory that I did no want to forget. I could feel the heat of his breath on my ass as he leaned into me.

Monday had been a busy day at work. My boss had given me the parameters to a big project that I was to take the lead on. When I got on the bus going home my mind with filled with thoughts of the project and the team that I would choose. I did not even notice that again I was standing in front of him towards the back of the bus on the way home. I was distracted with thoughts of him when I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked over my shoulder straight into those hazel deep eyes that made me think of the color of forest leaves in the fall. For a moment I could not look away as we stared at each other. His eyes seemed to express how much he enjoyed the other day and how much he was looking forward to more. The corner of his mouth lifted in a wicked smile as he winked at me. I felt my face flush with excitement.

When the person next to him got up to exit the bus he pulled me down to sit next to him. Not letting go on my hand he pulled it right under his jacket which was laying across his lap. His eyes never left mine. As my hand touched his bare hot cock I saw the pupils of his eyes contract as his cock grew in my hand. The muscles in his jaw tightened as I took hold of his thick cock and began moving up and down. He felt so big! I wished that I could have thrown that jacket off so that I could really see how big he was.

He slightly turned so that our bodies were facing each other. Our foreheads touched as he laid one hand to the back of my neck, drawing me closer.

My forefinger swirled around the tip of his head, spreading his precum over his dick. I could imagine tasting his salty sweetness. I squirmed in my seat, my clit throbbing, aching to be touched.

“What is your name, sweetheart?” He whispered. Even if he spoke in a normal voice I don’t think anyone would have heard us. Everyone on the bus was busy chatting about their day. His voice was so husky I felt myself cream my panties. This man was so sexy I could not stand it!

“Laura. What’s yours?”

“Trey.” He licked his lips reminding me how much I wanted to take his lips into my mouth and suck on them. “Laura, you have the best hands.”

I smiled. Knowing that I could bring pleasure to a man this gorgeous made me feel fearless. Who cares if we were getting each other off on a crowded bus?

“Trey, I want to make you come, but I don’t think this bus is the best place to do all the things that I want to do to you. Will you come home with me?” I could not believe I’d just said that! I had never been so bold with a man that I barely knew. I held my breath as I waited for his answer. I was sure that he was going to decline. For a moment I was resolved that if he did decline I would have to be satisfied with our bus rides to and from work everyday.

“Baby, you know I want to. Only two more stops to go and I’m all yours.”