Long Distance Romance

A few lines from my new book . . .

‘Good Morning, Beautiful.’ I smiled at his words. This was only the second time that I received a message from him since I began participating in a secret online group. Derick Anthony was different from other guys. He was intelligent, a wordsmith, and stylishly handsome. Most of all, every word I read from him made me want to pleasure myself.

‘Good afternoon.’ Though it was morning for me, Derick lived in the Midwest and there was a two hour time difference between us.

‘How are you, gorgeous?’

‘I’m doing great. How about yourself?’

‘Very aroused.’

‘Are you now? What has made you aroused?’

‘Those sexy pics you posted in the group.’

‘Well,thank you, sexy.’

‘What do you have on right now?’

I decided to show him instead of telling him. I took a quick pic of my outfit. Nothing too exciting, but my top definitely showed off my large breasts.

‘I would enjoy seeing those babies set free.’

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