Clean Sex


It was New Year’s Day and I knew no one would be at the laundry mat. Last night had been a bust. I had gotten stood up for the New Year’s Eve party and because my date was my ride, the night ended with me toasting myself with the little bit of hard cider that I had in the fridge. I didn’t seem to have much luck in the dating department lately. Don’t get me wrong! I have gone on plenty of dates in the past year, whether they were suggestions from friends or matchups through an online dating site, I pretty much had gone on a date every weekend the majority of the year. But, enough was enough. Sometimes I wondered if it was my size that kept men from going on more than one date with me. Well . . . that couldn’t be the only reason I seemed unsuccessful. Sometimes the guys that I went on dates with were nut jobs and I’m the one that decided only one date was necessary.

I am a curvy woman of average height. I had an ass, but I didn’t think of it as one of my best features. That is probably because my G sized breasts steal the show. People have told me that I have an exotic look about me with my caramel colored skin, my almond eyes and jet black hair. I often noticed men staring, but it usually didn’t go beyond that, so I always assumed that they couldn’t get past the extra weight that I carried.

When I got out of bed this morning I decided to start fresh and focus on making me a better person. Who needs a guy to be happy with life?

Unfortunately, my solitude did not last very long. As I was putting my last few items of clothing into the wash a tall hooded man walked in with a large load of laundry. I didn’t pay him a lot of attention because he began loading the washers on the opposite side of the laundry mat. I sat on the benches near the front of the laundry mat and settled down to finish my latest romance novel that I had downloaded to my phone’s eBook app. I was so involved in the story that I had forgotten that there was anyone else in the room. I jumped a mile when a heard a deep, sexy voice right in front of me. I dropped my phone on the seat and took the time to retrieve it before glancing up at where that voice came from. All thoughts left my head as I laid eyes on a man who could have easily taken the award for sexiest man of 2014. He had pushed his hood back to reveal shoulder length blonde hair, the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen so close up, and something a little more than a 5 o’clock shadow on a square jaw. His t-shirt was tight against his chest revealing a muscular frame that I immediately wanted to reach out and touch. One muscle clad arm was decorated in a Celtic tattoo which reached all the way to his wrist. My slow perusal of this sexy godlike man ended at eye level and I wondered what lay under those tight jeans. And there was something more. He wore my favorite Polo cologne. My eyes quickly snapped back up to his face when I heard his voice say something again.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?” I asked trying not to focus on his gorgeous lips which broke into a sexy lopsided grin when our eyes met.

“I asked if you had change for a $5 because the change machine won’t take my mangled money.” He revealed a five dollar bill that was dog eared.

“Of course. I always have ones because I waitress at O’Malley’s.” Did he need to know that last little bit of information? I always seemed to say too much when I’m nervous. I reached into my pocket and gave him five ones. Our hands touched when we exchanged the money and my eyes snapped to his. His eyes revealed that also he felt the undeniable electricity between us.

Our trance soon ended when another person joined us, lugging their dirty laundry over to a nearby washing machine. My tall stranger went back to tending to his clothes, and I to my book, but I couldn’t help but notice several stolen glances from my tall stranger. And with each stolen glance my juices pooled and my clit throbbed. Oh, the things I could imagine!

But, then I remembered my decision as of that morning to forget about guys and focus on my own personal growth. That had to begin somewhere. I would get nowhere if I entertained thoughts of this stranger any longer. With my decision made, I quickly pulled my clothes from the dryer and proceeded to fold them at a location furthest from the tall sexy stranger. Determined to make this year different I loaded the last of my two baskets in my car. As I backed up to close the back door I ran into something solid. I spun around just as the tall stranger took a step forward, closing the distance between us. His lips landed on mine as he drove me up against the frame of the car, my butt with nothing solid to rest on because I had never gotten the door closed.

His lips crushed against mine as they softened into a deep kiss. Suddenly his tongue invaded the opening between my lips and his hands roamed over my curves. My shock quickly turned into electric heat as his hands cupped my breast and one of his fingers lightly pinched at my nipple. His mouth left mine to trail kisses on that special place where my shoulder meets my neck that makes me weak at the knees.

“I want you now, sexy,” He said gruffly as he gently pulled me over to the open back door of his king cab truck which I hadn’t notice was parked right next to my car. As he slid in backwards he kept my hand in his and his eyes never left mine. Once we were in the cab and the door was closed behind me, he quickly unbuttoned his jeans and slid his pants down around his ankles revealing his rock hard, thick cock. Before he even settled back against the seat my mouth was on his cock as if drawn to it by some magical force. His thickness filled my mouth as it throbbed, and he let out a moan as my wet mouth slid up and down, coating his shaft.

“Oh, baby. I knew when I saw your perfect lips that they would fit nicely over my dick.” His words made my juices begin to pool and I reached into my panties with my free hand and began to massage my clit. His hand followed mine that that warm place between my legs and he felt for himself how wet I was.

“I think you’re ready for me, sexy,” he said as he spun me around so that I was facing away from him, pulling my panties down at the same time. I was crouched in such a way that my ass was almost level with his face. He sucked in a breath as his big hands outlined my ass, massaging them. He groaned with unbridled desire as he reached into his pants for a condom. He quickly tore open the pack and rolled it onto his dick in record time. His hands went to my waist as he guided me to sit on his throbbing cock. We both let out identical groans as my pussy slid over this cock coating him with my juices.

“Fuck yeah,” he said as I began my slow ride. I loved taking it slow in the beginning so that I could feel every inch of his cock as he filled me, stretching my lips with that perfect fit. After a minute or two I decided I wanted to watch his face, so I turned around and straddled him. My pace quickly became faster as I began to feel the first contractions deep in my abdomen. I knew in this position I could come multiple times. My moans grew louder as my eyes locked with his, the pools of his eyes deepened from a light blue to the dark blue of a stormy sea. He lifted my blouse and I pulled out my large boobs out of my bra.

“Mmmmm . . . they are so big and warm.” As I rode him for all he was worth he took one of my nipples into his mouth, gently scraping his teeth against the hard nub. His gentle sucking combined with the feeling of his shaft hitting my cervix brought me closer to a huge orgasm. The truck jolted up and down with each thrust. The tall sexy stranger’s dick grew so large inside of me and filled me completely. His hands went to my waist as he quickened the pace until it became frenzied with lust. My moans became grunts as I matched him stroke for stroke. He let out a final groan as his whole body clenched with his orgasm. For a second, time seemed to stand still in that moment right before my entire body contracted and I came hard. My juices flowed over his dick and I could still feel it throbbing as we both came together. I lay on his chest, my energy spent as I reveled in the feel of his sexy body against mine. His strong arms circled around me, grabbing my ass, and squeezing tight.

“You are so fucking sexy. That. Was. Amazing!” I leaned back to see that slow sexy smile on his lips again. “My name is Jeremy.” And just like that, my decision from that morning went right out of my pretty little head.


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